Cash-paid cars & comfort

We are all aware that buying a new car is not a great financial investment unless it’s paid for with cash. Well, we are not at that point just yet, so we’ve been in the mindset of buying well-maintained, cash-paid used cars since selling our last financed cars in 2016 (for a profit, though). This has been AMAZING as we actually own it, have our own title, and can sell it easily when time to leave. We must admit that when having to do car repairs, it doesn’t bite the bank anymore since we aren’t worried about repairs PLUS a due car-payment. And even though our former car payments were always low (.99% and 1.24% interest rates), we still did not have the title in-hand, which means we truly did not own the car(s). And for the children and me, it’s important to have a vehicle that is comfy (easy to get in and out of, has the proper leg space, isn’t too high, etc.) and that can stand a “few” dings, particularly as driving is different here in Africa (i.e., also potholes, dust, small parking spaces, motorbikes coming out of nowhere, etc.).

We hope to encourage more people to be smarter about their car purchases. There are lots of great options out there that still feel “new,” are safe, affordable, and serves its purpose. Will we purchase another BMW or Lexus or Land Rover? Of course – but with cash. Our cash-paid Toyota SUV is great for where we are now and has all the amenities we need for comfort and safety. Consider a cash-paid car the next time you are in the market…you will likely find some great deals, and the peace-of-mind is unmeasurable.


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