Valuing time…before the sun

We enjoyed these 23 things from this article (please check it out and read the details – they are inspiring and enlightening). It’s particularly of interest to us because one of us prefers to get up and start being productive, while the other prefers to be a bit more liberal…and ironically, we have one of each of those types of children too:

1. Deal With 5 Minutes Of Pain Every Morning (…and then enjoy several hours of peak productivity and fulfillment)
2. Start Your Day With Your #1 Priority
3. Face Your Resistance & Do What You’re Avoiding
4. Embrace Multiple Learning Styles
5. How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything — This Is Fact
6. Know & Then Strategically Define Your WHY
7. Be a GIVER, Not A Matcher Or A Taker
8. Only Engage In Transformational Relationships
9. Don’t Overvalue What You Contribute To Your Relationships While Undervaluing What Others Contribute
10. Work With People Who Are Craftsman, Not Salesman
11. Elevate Your Sense For What You Deserve In Your Life
12. Elevate Your Sense For What You Can Contribute
13. Decide What Kind Of Life You Want, Then Figure Out How To Get It
14. Serve & Give As Much As You Can
15. Automate Your Income As Quickly As Possible To Free Up Time
16. Give 10x The Value Of What You Say You Will
17. Give Away Most Of Your Work For Free (don’t totally agree…but read to define)
18. Make More Stuff
19. Become The Best In The World At What You Do
20. Invest Heavily In Yourself
21. Become A Speaker & Teach Others What You’ve Learned
22. Learn In Public (Even when you’re scared)
23. Take A Few Minutes Every Night To Mentally Prepare Yourself For The Next Day


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