Moving to West Africa – God’s blessing

This summer, we both learned of exciting career opportunities for us to move to West Africa after almost a year in Malawi. Because of our professional backgrounds and corporate experiences, this happened immediately. We were in the USA at the time when God showed Himself faithful – because He is always faithful. We are so blessed for this new experience in our nativeĀ home. Here are some quick clips of what we packed (our place in Liberia comes fully furnished and is right on the Atlantic ocean). While we hired a housekeeper/nanny before arrival, we still hadn’t found a chef, so here’s daddy in the kitchen. And, of course, we needed a vehicle so we found one of those too (cash-paid, as usual, and accommodating for any physical needs)…even though we get transport access as directors in our new gigs, but we need our own car since we have children & prefer to use carseats. Oh, & our items from Malawi took FIVE months to arrive to the USA, but thankfully it finally arrived and while we miss the life-long friends we made, we are so very blessed to still have those relationships and are thankful to be in a new chapter of our lives.


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