African birthdays of our Princes

November is birthday month for our princes

Our #1 is 2! He loves to sing & run outside with nature. He’s logical & detailed-oriented, while also creative & free-spirited. He has to go to bed on a full stomach & if we want something from him, it’s almost always thrown in love. His personality is budding & he definitely has his own mind. We’ve been singing ‘Happy Birthday’ all month & he just knows it’s for him & brother: he’s so cute & we are honored to be chosen to bring him into the world God created. We are so thankful for our journey!

Our #2 still has his fresh baby smell, is so loving (albeit very nosy & learning that it’s not nice to bite/hit), has a vocabulary of eight words, & lives his name as pure ‘comfort.’ We are so overjoyed at the last couple years of being parents. It’s been a pleasure to be blessed by God & it’s so cool that his 1st birthday was welcomed by life in Africa. So thankful for our handsomeness.


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