Still adjusting to Malawi

From enjoying seeing children walk & (run) to school in the mornings…to getting fresh bread & meats from our new spot…from self-treating our yard from unwelcomed visitors (one of which slid right by bubs & me)…to much-needed Friday lunch dates…from taking our princes to an outside baby music hour…to getting fresh Mother’s Day flowers made for our staff (October 15th- national holiday)…from us enjoying some throw-down grub with my sorors & their families…to riding by a Malawian prison…rom embracing road-kill (chicken that’s free-range & apparently tastes really tough) in it’s rawest form being delivered…to witnessing a young child drink from a carton out of a trash bin. Daily life here is something that’s hard to describe…but we have so many stories & see the purest nature…we just ask the Lord to continue keeping us even as tests of the ‘world’ come our way. We are growing in our walk & are thankful.



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