Moving to Malawi

Just as our 2nd maternity leave is about to end, I was offered a position to transfer to Malawi. We are ready for a new adventure! With a baby & toddler in-tow, this should be quite the journey. Some info about the country:


*~8,300 miles away
*A land-locked country
*Population: 16 million
*Poorest country in the world
*Life expectancy: 56 years old…
*Has had a woman as president
*Official languages: English & Chichewa
*One of the largest global suppliers of tobacco
*Has one of Africa’s largest lakes- Lake Malawi
*It’s one of the top 10 safest countries in Africa
*Average income of its citizens is $150 per year
*Known as The Warm of Africa for the nature of its welcoming people


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