Homebirth Bed & Breastpump

…regardless of where labor &/or birth is to occur, I think it’s important to have our bed made appropriately in order to minimize any damage to our mattress…especially since I bled for 11 days postpartum last time, so it’s nice to have the bed layered in case of any accidental leakage (including my water breaking)…& it helps that clean sheets are under the layers so that saves time as well. Bed prep: padded mattress protector, then a waterproof mattress cover (padded), then a good fitted sheet, then a waterproof mattress cover (unpadded), then puppy pads with an adhesive strip, then seasoned sheet on top…(here is our layered bed before I put the final sheet on top):


Additionally, I prefer to rent a hospital-grade breast pump as it’s much stronger than the ones supplied by my insurance. So I ran up to my local hospital today (where our bubs was born…tear!) & once-again rented a pump. I’m praying [& preparing…as faith without works…] for more improved lactation success & our goal is to provide one year of breastmilk to this baby as well. It was also really nice to go to the hospital, as it was my 1st time there since bubs was born:


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