Nutrition During Labor


The American Society of Anesthesiologists finally came out with a statement that eating a bit during labor can be beneficial. My 1st mental response is: of course, many of us knew this already…I couldn’t imagine laboring for hours without proper nutrition or at least the option of it [some women agree to only eat ice chips which I couldn’t imagine not going against]…no hospital policy could prevent me from giving myself nutrition just because of an extremely rare risk of aspiration in case of an emergency delivery. -Side note-: in the United States, there was only ONE case of aspiration during labor & delivery between 2005 & 2013…yep, just one. So many women are told they are not allowed to eat during labor in hospitals even though it’s so unlikely to occur…another reason to always do one’s own research, work with competent providers, & listen to one’s own body. My 2nd mental response is: finally the medical community will begin to do what evidence-based birth professionals have been recommending since ancient times: give one’s body what it needs to do the work it needs. During bubs’ labor, I snacked on cheese & crackers, fruit, etc. Of course, I didn’t feel like eating anything heavy, but I definitely munched as I wanted, which I believe helped me to have more energy.


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