Our buddha

Ideally, we’d love to have bubs be the 1st to meet his sibling after birth. So we’ve prepared in the event that he can be a part of those most special moments. If not, he’ll either be in school, sleeping, or at home with our plan a, b, or c…our pre-planning just depends on our comfort, as well as when & how labor & birth occurs. What’s important for us, when preparing for such an intimate life event is to make sure that all stars align with our goals, assessed needs, family structure & dynamic, & personal desires. We are so proud of our bubs for being the best baby we could ever ask for. Each day, I fall in love with him all over again. I still keep thinking, I can’t believe I got the boy I wanted!, as I get to love on such a sweet little man who is growing into his own, still as perfect as God made him, & who nurtures me as much as I aim to nurture him. I’m also already getting emotional while finishing the final touches on his 1 year baby memory book…he’s grown so much (tear!).


I look forward to spending even more time with him over our baby bonding period in order for him to get acclimated with having a sibling & transitioning the two of them & us in a routine: our #1 focus. I also look forward to the life-long relationship they’ll have, the sleepless yet warm nights, entering toddler world, & all the other joyous experiences we’ll have with our two loves. Thanking God daily for this experience & for what he has blessed us with. We don’t take it for granted & we continue to pray for a live, healthy deuce.