Surprise Gifts

A few days ago, my mama asked what she should get a co-worker who is having a baby. As no expert, & definitely being non-traditional, I may not be the best person to ask because I really don’t believe children need much besides basic necessities & would much rather invest & prioritize on education & memorable experiences. So I just replied to her that whatever she feels compelled to give should be nice- just depends on the person. We definitely don’t need anything for this baby as I’ve enjoyed shopping quite a bit, but it was so sweet of some friends of ours to gift us a FL trip to their condo (excited & we hope to use for a family getaway at a later date since I’m definitely not feeling up to it right now). In addition, a co-worker of mine (one of the bruhz) gave us these beautiful Greek blankets that are insanely huge, thick, & so comfy. They took up the entire trunk of my truck. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with their babies in one of these? Skee-Roo!


Also, my sister blessed me with a mixed CD with absolutely fantastic, acoustic, rustic, cultural, etc. music on it…definitely music I hadn’t heard before. Not sure if she knew while making it, but it’s going to be used as our birth tunes (last time, we used yoga & jazz sounds which worked well too). Some of the beats on this CD are perfect & rhythmic for early labor while other tunes are nice & soft for active labor. It’s a great surprise as it was one of the last few birth prep items on my to-do list.




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