I have often wondered if I could ever love another baby as much as I love bubs. He really is the best baby we could ever ask for. This year has not been what society labels as the hardest year of your life. In fact, we’ve found most situations & experiences people told us of to be non-relevant to us…either that or we are just the type to deal with it & keep it moving haha. Of course we had & definitely sometimes still have our zombie moments & I’ve dealt with postpartum depression, & still do a bit. I’m thankful for the mamas, most of whom I never met until I became a mama, who have not only constantly checked on me & asked how I’m doing emotionally & mentally, but have answered so many of my questions as it relates to some of my uncertainties. From the beginning, I was worried more about the type of mama I’d become. Afterall, of our six child-free marital years of observing other families, we’ve definitely gone into this figuring we’d be careful about who we ask for advice lol as I’m sure we have quite a bit of trial-&-error to combat over the years ahead…

Our baby boy has shined light on many virtues in us that are so vital to what we consider for being the teachers we’ve set out to be for each other, & for them: patience, pride, benevolence, & fortitude. We’re looking forward to a new-found love this time. One that can’t compare to the 1st, but that brings its own sense of comfort to the journey. It’s bittersweet as we wish to give our children the best lives we can…with best not being defined as pushing our own beliefs or materialism or being in competition, etc. But a life in which, as a foundation, they are taught & shown that they are created in the image of an amazing God. Simple. as. that.


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