Breastfeeding & more Cloth Diapers

Setting myself up for improved breastfeeding success is so very important to me- & it’s great to hear that so many women produce even more the 2nd time around. I have a great support system (crucial) & wish to maintain breastfeeding as a priority (still nursing during pregnancy), especially after seeing how breastmilk has been amazing for bubs’ skin & health. Other than amazing, blessed villagers, these are a few items in my stash that have really helped me with nursing &/or pumping:


Goat’s rue, fenugreek, & shatavari root (herbs) have been God-sent for increasing supply. This go-round I may exclusively nurse longer before introducing the bottle & I’ll be more cognizant to baby’s on-demand nutritional cues so that I can respond appropriately. Writing the vision…making it plain.

Our dryer started acting suspect, & it was old…so perfect timing to upgrade. And as parents of soon-to-be two little ones, getting to choose between all the modern options & colors was very exciting. We replaced our washing machine as well & I’m particularly in heaven…especially now that I figured out which setting to wash bubs’ diapers on to keep them like-new (any cloth diapering parents with a high-efficiency washing machine knows this topic is a very serious matter). This also means that certain memes are appropriate…all of these ring true:


And yes, I’ve purchased even more all-in-one & organic cloth diapers as I found some great spring deals…newest batch (n=22):



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