Sex of Baby #2 & Birth balls

…we went in for a consultation with our back-up OB & to get our waterbirth certificate in case we don’t birth on land [the last time we will see him unless there is a medical reason in need of his attention…our next appointment with one of his midwives is in a couple days]. He hadn’t arrived at the office yet….& the ultrasound tech thought we were there for an ultrasound, & we only want two churn so this is our final go, so we decided, why not? Very spare-of-the-moment & jokingly, we wondered if we should find out what we are having…ever-so randomly. This instantly resulted in a y.o.l.o. moment- so we proceeded! She didn’t tell us, but she sealed it in an envelope for us to open later. After meeting with our OB, we went home…Terek said a prayer just thanking God for this new life…& we opened the envelope. Since he announced the sex to me at birth last time, we thought it would be sweet that I announce the sex to him this time…


We are blessed & so very thankful! Surprisingly, it was just as great to find out now than it was to find out at birth last time…especially since we are the ones announcing to each other. To God be the glory. It was definitely an emotional moment shared between us in our own space, in the presence of our one Creator…the place where our baby will first call home…still look forward to sharing with the world at birth. Also, (s)he is healthy, moving like crazy, & is currently transverse, so I need to start helping baby flip into position for birth over these next few weeks as I signed up for pregnancy yoga & have started doing spinning babies…also sitting on my birth balls more to massage my pelvis too:


…baby still has some time to move head-down on his/her own, but I like to be proactive if I can.


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