Viability Week

…been pretty tired & emotional lately, so it was nice to get out to dinner to celebrate Terek’s line brother’s birthday with the bruhz & his lady this past weekend:


We’ve reached viability week & thank God for this little person whose personality is honestly already making us a bit nervous…(s)he is so very active in my womb & makes his/her presence known. What this baby says definitely goes…in my groove & focused on this mama thing (enjoying the breeze & simplicity of this journey while we can before our cuddly, perfect babies turn into !@#$% toddlers)…glad we decided to grow our family in one swoop, yet starting to brace ourselves for two little ones…says to self: we got this. Gearing up for a total knock-out now, & beloved sanity later…bring on the sweet chaotic pitter-patter:



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