This past weekend, we went to SC for a day trip to visit some fam, enjoy some serious grub, & chill a bit. It was good timing for bubs to meet his kinfolk (who are also the guardians & trustee of our children should something ever happen to us). Now, we’re back on our weekly grinds & are still catching up on rest. I’ve been extremely icky off & on a bit lately. It could always be worse, so I just acknowledge the discomfort, do what I can to take breaks & [attempt to] stay hydrated, ask baby to relax from gymnastics a bit, & keep it movin’. As I always say- these are constant reminders that life still exists, so I’m thankful…even through the random 4am wakes-me-out-of-my-deep-sleep-nausea-&-sometimes-diarrhea…& even though I beat bubs to sleep most nights now. Oh the magical moments of this pregnancy. Just took a look at the fertility doll I got in Haiti in 2013 that we keep in our hutch:



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