Updating our Will

Writing down weekly goals helps me to have everything settled well before 3rd trimester so that I can still handle my prioritized wife, mama, & home responsibilities, in addition to my career…it also assists in case of emergency or if baby unexpectedly arrives early. I truly value my time (…can never get it back…recommend using it wisely…), so I’m almost always doing something productive…well, with the exception of reality tv. We finally met with our legal & financial team to complete the latest versions (to include this baby) of our revised wills, the children’s trust fund, our powers of attorneys, & advanced healthcare directives. Long & sensitive process, but definitely worth it…especially for generational planning, just being responsible as parents, & making sure our children are smoothly transitioned to assigned guardianship & care, & simply piece of mind.


The few things we have left that are must-dos are: strategizing for my team’s success while I’m out, discussing bubs’ care during birth, submitting my maternity leave schedule, meeting with our doula to review our birth plan, & our practice’s hospital tour. We still have 3.75 months to go but proactivity over procrastination ain’t never hurt nobody.


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