Congrats to the inaugural JEH scholars!

…we reviewed the applications received in honor of the inaugural year of Terek’s daddy’s legacy scholarship fund: the James Hunter Educational Scholarship. We learned that a lot more goes into legally hosting a scholarship that meets IRS guidelines than accepting donations & fairly reviewing applications, as neither of us has done this before & it’s a lot of work- thank God for vision. Unfortunately, we did not receive any on-time, completed, qualified applications from any African Americans. Not one. As always, those who truly want something will put a conscious effort towards going after it, so we proceeded in reviewing those who appropriately submitted for consideration. Those who were not selected were still sent a $50 gift card to use for school supplies. And it’s good to know that after all the non-stop fundraising & solicitation, the scholarships went to deserving individuals:


These young ladies will be the 1st in their families to attend college, come from a family where they do not have everyday luxuries as most 18 year olds [one cell phone for the entire family, no car of their own, etc.], & their mother had no idea that James Hunter was Diego until we awarded the scholarship & she saw his picture. She got emotional & mentioned that he taught her English many years ago & that she hadn’t seen him in four months, so she didn’t know he had passed on to glory. In her family, they had to choose between food & an education, luxuries our culture takes for granted while often preferring to enjoy material pleasures. Going to talk to them confirmed that this was exactly who was supposed to be awarded. Very excited for them! New to this parenting experience, but definitely doing our best to lead by example.


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