Birth Gift(s)

…so directly after having bubs, Terek surprised me with a diamond/birthstone gift in honor of our new sun…a push gift as some may call it. As if baby wasn’t the best present already, I must admit that the hormonal shifts & the new-found nurturing of becoming a mama [in-the-flesh as I was already a mama when he was in my womb], was definitely a life-changer so it was so very appreciated & a thoughtful gesture:


…ironic because I actually also surprised him with a leather citrine [birthstone] energy necklace as a thank you for being the best daddy/wee-hours-of-the-night-support for baby when I needed postpartum rest, & during our entire pregnancy/birth…as I really did appreciate him never complaining & always taking care of home:


…secretly already asking myself so, what is daddy gonna get me this time? lol…especially now that I have the sweetest 8.5mth old constantly yanking at my breasts & banging his head into them like it’s a game, kicking me in the stomach with his wide soft mahogany feet, & since it’ll be two years straight that my body has been dedicated to making people. And while we’ve had many joys, yet definitely many tests, over the last almost seven years of marriage, I must say that such kindness really does make a big difference in reassuring that I may actually be doing things right as a wife…surely since some days I definitely wonder what I’m doing as a mama, but bubs still looks into my eyes & smiles bright as if I’m his queen, so that’s good enough for me…haha


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