Generational Nutritional Habits

…Terek likes almond, but the protein in almond milk (even if homemade) is very low. I like soy. Of researching options such as almond, hemp, coconut (although bubs has had coconut milk & enjoys it), cashew, rice, & oat, we’ve decided that my favorite, organic soy, has the best mix of the nutritional elements we are looking for, even though there has been a debate as to whether the estrogen-like antioxidants can lower testosterone in males, but no evidence to support this rumor. So we’ll most likely use this for the children once they reach one year of age. As we know, milk is not necessary as a toddler unless the child(ren) is not receiving a wholesome, well-balanced diet. We know that there may be days when this doesn’t happen, so we’d definitely like a nutritional, non-animal, milk option to fill in for some of those missed nutrients…will also be opting for water regularly & occasionally, homemade or raw organic fresh juices for the children that we learned to make in Guatemala & Morocco. It’s definitely time for a generational change. In the meantime, I have finally found a soy milk option that is made with pure water & contains no carrageenan…we may consider it for bubs:


…& after studying the Asian culture’s success of life-long longevity on a high soy-based diet (with much lower risks for cancers), that’s a plus too. Over the last few years, we’ve been striving to break life-long habits of our own & don’t want them following in our footsteps with heavy eating, eating just because, constant non-organic eating, emotional eating, & regular hormonal eating of other animals. If not homemade, it’s always refreshing to find a product with ingredients that are simple & pronounceable. Just steamed bubs some organic carrots for dinner this week. Simple, tasty, sweet, & pure. $2 & took less than 15mins:


Besides, there are many food ingredients banned outside of the USA that American families consume daily…often-times in sugary snacks & colorful candies. Thankfully, with a little patience, time, & research, there are so many recipes for vegan & vegetarian options that don’t require the use of seasonings (using spices is okay for little ones though). We hope to introduce much healthier alternatives instead & understand that there will be times for such traditional treats, but we will do our best to educate our children on the importance & need for produce & fresh options.

…we already tell bubs that what we put on the table/offer is what you will enjoy sweetie pie…with the utmost love from mama & daddy…we most certainly won’t be condoning any I-want/I-don’t-want language…bringing then-you’ll-just-go-to-bed-hungry back. Building knowledge as we can to give our loves a healthy start at life


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