This month marks 10 years since I experienced the most queasy boat ride over to Robben Island on the coast of Cape Town on a stormy day…visiting the cell of (then) former South African President Nelson Mandela, known as Madiba to most, was one of my favorite memories of my travel(s)…& have already started sharing these stories with our child(ren)…never too early to learn. This is one of my favorite quotes of his, & I believe it’s remembered in perfect timing as we are in a world of so many bitter people who are unfortunately enslaved in their own somber:


When folks blatantly disrespect your rights or requests or have no consideration for your thoughts nor conditions…& when folks are purposely insulting or ignorant as if to be proud of themselves…& when folks judge your choices or revelations in comparison to their own insecurities: freedom from such spirits is a good decision…& even for folks in our world to be so uncaring (to self or others), one must definitely be self-imprisoned. We wish to teach our children to liberate themselves from negative energy & thankfully: we will do the best we can to teach our children when to release. Such a prison sentence is a choice…& it’s too much of a beautiful world (where our time is not promised) than to even trade in one’s energy for the many character flaws many of us have…this man, once again, provided an amazing quote of self-reflection: with a dead-on meaning.


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