Baby’s safe haven

With a little research, we were finding some really modern, chic, high-quality baby items that still keeps our home looking the same as it did pre-children…(forever, right?). Got a Coco Bloom lounger that bubs can break into until bugs gets here and a new crib:



We are also done with the new nursery…while bubs’ crib is a darker gray, we got a fog gray for this baby…did the hardware & panels to transform the closet similar to what we did in bubs’ room also:


We kept things neutral this time as well…partially because I want our children’s space to be rooms they can grow into & I just like when little kid things look like big folks’ stuff. The colors of this nursery are natural burlap, gray-blues, hints of creams & black, & simple touches of aubergine. Here is the small dresser thingy I found at our community spring cleaning drop-off (someone’s trash was my treasure/project). I cleaned it, tightened some screws, sanded & then painted it with a latex paint, added baskets on the inside, & changed the knobs (before & after):



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