Pregnancy Differences

…so our last pregnancy, when I did have a taste for something in particular, it was most often on the salty side…lots of hummus, sushi, rice, salads…with an occasional cinnamon bun craving. This time around, I have the most miraculous sweet tooth, but I’m trying to stick with fresh fruits…that is, when I’m not indulging in sour gummies or sweet breads.


As I’m coming up on 15 weeks, I think I can take a jab at making a logical assessment of the similarities & differences from round one so far. Overall, I feel as though my body is somewhat confused that I already had a baby…it’s as if it’s thinking I never stopped being pregnant. Thus, sometimes, I feel exactly the same…but other moments, this feels so very different. I go on about my day & I don’t even really think about being pregnant until I get a reminder (…ickiness when I haven’t eaten in a while, extreme tiredness, emotional irritation, bloating, etc). With the exception of shortness of breath earlier on this time, sweeter cravings, some nausea & hot flashes, & sweating more, I’m still so very thankful that I did not have the serious face/chest acne break-out I had last time…happy to have more sheath freedom now.


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