Teething, goat soap, aromatherapy, etc.

We are very thankful for this month’s journey, even with our 1st round of comfort hiccups (change-in-season congestion episode & fever). Lots of hot steaming, lots of nursing, lots of warm baths, & lots of aromatherapy:


When I was pregnant with our bug, I kept saying how I’ll end up making tinctures, but decided that there was no need since the health food store has what we need! Chamomile is great for soothing gums during teething, & the old remedy of garlic for infections/fluid/irritations of the ear (prefer option this over antibiotics since antibiotics will also kill off good bacteria in the body):


While he is not ready to formally start eating just yet & will continue to be breastfed, we put a tad of almond butter on his fingers, & through his curiosity, he enjoyed! He also got a new teething ring & mesh feeders for us to introduce his tongue to tastes next month & to comfort his gums (no pacifiers) in the meantime:


Baby’s 1st complete body eczema flare & dry skin is clearing up very well (↓ success with over-the-counter options so for us, nature was the way to go). We visited a farm to pick up some freshly made goat milk soap, which has worked wonders on his skin:


He also loss a good bit of hair last month due to the dry scalp, cradle cap, & postpartum hormones, so I got him a satin-lined infant cap made to protect his hair at night as it starts to grow back:


While we wish for baby to discern in his own beliefs, he also received some Easter goodies from his Grandmom, & daddy & I made him this homemade Easter “basket” for his very 1st Easter, which included teething toy/rattle & books:



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