Placenta, compass, trees, scale, & blessings

Our love is growing so very well. We purchased a baby/toddler scale…my milk didn’t start coming in until day eight, so he lost 10% of his weight fast:


In regards to 1sts: he picked out his 1st Christmas tree, smiled for the 1st time, met family, enjoyed his 1st Thanksgiving which happened to be the day of his 1st bath, had his 1st pediatrician & chiropractor visits, visited his pre-school, & is the newest member of our annual family photo session.


Being parents has been a surreal journey for us…we are learning more & more each day & we just tag-team to figure things out…we’ve gotten a few things right & a few things not-so-right…but all in all, we are proud & thank God for giving us discernment to figure out what works for us. And, my God, are we also so very thankful for his villagers. Here is one of the most sentimental birth gifts he received – ¬†an antique compass…representative of his name meaning:


I am taking time to heal holistically & enjoying being home with him. I’m a bit of a lioness, so I’m emotional & have dealt with blues lately too, but that’s a part of my (our) larger story. Thankfully, we encapsulated his placenta [below] & that’s been helping to regulate the hormones I lost when he was born. His daddy & I also ate a piece of it steamed & it tasted really proteiny:


I’m also not a fan of sharing my new love with anyone other than his Daddy…& that’s perfectly fine because he just got here & he is our little man of whom we are admiring.