Self-care in-between

…I’ve always believed it’s important for me to take part in my own care, as no one can tell me what I feel in my body…& most times, when things go wrong, there would have been some type of sign if I had just listened to what my body was telling me. It doesn’t work that way always, but most of the time it does, so I feel as though it’s my responsibility to take care of myself as best I can. I called my health insurance, reminded them I’m pregnant & asked them for a glucose monitoring kit. They asked no questions & I had it within a few days. Since I opted out of the gestational diabetes testing [not quite sure what the ingredients are in that sugary drink as I honestly wasn’t comfortable giving it to our baby…& also wasn’t interested in the 2nd option of eating tons of jelly beans instead], I told my OB’s physician’s assistant that I’ll just monitor my glucose at home for a few weeks. My levels have remained normal, if not low since I’ve eaten pretty healthy most of our pregnancy, so that’s good.


In addition, as an plump woman of color experiencing my 1st pregnancy, statistically, I’m at risk for pre-eclampsia. So I wanted to make sure I check myself regularly for those signs as well. I have a blood pressure monitor at home & my pressure has remained good thusfar, thank God. I also ordered a urinalysis strips kit, which shows what the protein, leukocytes, glucose, keytones, etc. levels are in my urine. This helps to keep me on track & thankfully I don’t have either of these pregnancy-induced conditions as of now. I am starting to get a bit of swelling in my feet after I’ve been out all day, but that’s to be expected since I’m rounding the last few weeks & as long as it’s not extreme, I’m not worried…checking on my body just gives me piece-of-mind as I want to remain low-risk & in-between appointments, I can easily stay accountable when working with my midwife. It also helps that I can compare my results to her’s when we meet for prenatal appointments.


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