Nick nacks for baby

…wanted to share our do-it-yourself closet sizing separators:


…going to let baby try out the Lansinoh mOmma & the Comotomo to see if (s)he likes either. Since the initial goal is to exclusively breastfeed, we only have two of each to start [5oz slow flow & 8oz medium flow of each]…these came very highly recommended by many mamas, [we are also interested in learning about glass bottles as well since that’s the healthiest option, so please let us know if you have experience with them]…I also like that these were made to closely mimic the human breast nipple:


…always seen these baby warmers [can be used for legs or arms] & have been waiting to get some for our love. I adore neutrals, so these are modest: we got some stripes & solids. These always look so cute with cloth diapers, especially when baby learns to crawl &/or gets chunky:


…also picked up a thermometer [for ear.bum bum.or under arm] & a nasal aspirator for sucking mucus:



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