Researching Placenta Encapsulation

Of the most unexplainable things about giving life, the placenta is one of the wonders that keeps the baby alive & growing…blood, oxygen, eliminating waste, nourishment, etc., so to me, it’s one of the most beautiful organs God ever created [one we’re so thankful for!]…with ours, we plan to clean it, steam it with lemon & herbs, dry it out, crush it into powder form, & place it into capsules: this is called placenta encapsulation. Our midwife will do this a few hours after we give birth [& Terek will assist so that he knows how to do it for next time].

Here’s a video of how it’s done. Fast forward to 3:00 to see how it’s made:

Traditional Chinese benefits [practiced in many other parts of Asia for ages, as well]:

Minimizes postpartum depression/hair loss since you are giving your body back the 2lbs of hormones it immediately lost when the placenta was birthed

Can be saved & given to your daughter at puberty…or used at menopause

Increases energy & breast milk supply

Speeds up recovery & aids in uterine shrinking

High in vitamin B & iron

Can be used during monthly cycles as well or toning of the uterus

…it’s completely natural & a beautiful way to give the placenta back to oneself for healing. Other options many cultures practice include rituals like planting trees with the placenta or stamping on paper & framing the veins of the placenta [which miraculously looks like a tree of life].


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