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Blessings…We’ve been privately blogging for years and are now Life’s Humble Hunt (a registered corporation & pending U.S. trademark!) – while most previous blogs have been archived, we are still sharing of ourselves on our global journey & have left a few former ones available on this platform. We are happily married, international expats, semi-crunchy parents, millennials, financial freedom pursuers, generational curse breakers, worldschoolers, educated working professionals (health informatics and operations), philanthropists, & humanitarians sharing memories to comfort through faith. Life’s not easy, but when we enable the separation of us from comfort zone, it ends up being quite a hunt of humility: it’s a journey of growth. In 2016, we sold everything (our home, cars, etc.) in the USA & moved abroad with our two ‘third culture kids‘ under the age of 2. While initially venturing for career advancements & an opportunity to experience diverse cultures, we ended up learning much more about ourselves (& the world) than we ever thought possible. Here in our corner, we share bits of our journey in search of peace, a minimalist outlook on our way to improved confidence, healing, natural living, & nurturing our embrace…

Define…& Live…your Freedom…

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2018 Travel so far: Ghana Côte d’Ivoire ✓, Senegal ✓, Sierra Leone 

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