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Blessings…We’ve been privately blogging for family & friends for over a decade now and are now Life’s Humble Hunt (a registered corporation & pending U.S. trademark) – sharing of ourselves & our global journey. We are happily married, international expats, semi-crunchy parents, millennials, financial freedom pursuers, generational curse breakers, worldschoolers, & educated working professionals (health informatics scientist and operations director) of magical brown melanin sharing memories to comfort through faith. In 2016, we sold everything (our home, cars, etc.) in the USA & moved abroad with our 2 ‘third culture kids‘ under 2! While initially venturing for career advancements & an opportunity to experience diverse cultures, we ended up learning so much about ourselves (& the world) than we ever thought possible. Sharing bits of our journey in search of peace, a minimalist outlook on our way to improved confidence & freedom, healing, natural living, & nurturing our embrace of the globe…indescribable humility.