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Many blessings – our prayer is that you are well & walking in your destiny! It’s a choice: embrace it. We are now formally branded as Life’s Humble Hunt® – while our blogs have been archived, we are still on our global journey having seen 15% of the world already, and counting. We are international repats, semi-crunchy parents, millennials, financial freedom pursuers, generational curse breakers, worldschoolers, educated working professionals (health informatics and operations), philanthropists, & humanitarians sharing memories to comfort through faith. Life’s not easy, but when we enable the separation of us from comfort zone, it ends up being quite a hunt of humility: it’s a journey of growth. In 2016, we sold everything (our home, cars, etc.) in the USA & moved abroad with our two vibrant ‘third culture kids‘ under the age of 2.

While initially venturing for career advancements & an opportunity to experience diverse cultures, we ended up learning much more about ourselves (& the world) than we ever thought possible. We also learned even more about who our true support system is and are thankful to those who aim to understand that being abroad can be a very sensitive and enticing time of learning and adjustment. Our platform wishes to share what we’ve through our experiences – in search of peace, a minimalist outlook on our way to improved confidence, healing, & natural living.

Define & Live your Freedom…

2018 Travel so far: Côte d’Ivoire ✓, Ghana Senegal ✓, Sierra Leone 

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